Laura Bush: First Lady of His Heart

When George W. Bush takes the oath of office as president on January 20, 2001, his wife Laura Welch Bush will be at his side, holding the Bible—probably the same family Bible his father used twelve years earlier. From that moment on, neither of their lives will be the same. Quiet, unassuming Laura will be the focus of intense public scrutiny, starting no doubt with a critique of her Inauguration Day wardrobe. As she and George trip the light fantastic at the Inaugural Ball, all eyes will be on her gown. After all, that isn’t just any dress—it is a part of American history; her wax facsimile will forever wear that ball gown in the First Ladies’ Hall at the Smithsonian! What a transition for someone who, even as First Lady of Texas, was able to shop anonymously at Wal-Mart with her daughters as recently as two years ago.

A Passionate Nature: Sun in Scorpio

Astrology Horoscope: Laura BushLaura Welch Bush was born on November 4, 1946 in Midland, Texas. With her Sun in Scorpio, Laura possesses an allure that is powerful and charismatic. Scorpios are naturally magnetic; they’re mysterious, sexy and passionate about life and, if you’re lucky, about you. Though Laura and George W. lived in the same small Texas oil town, they weren’t childhood sweethearts. In fact, they didn’t meet until 1977 and George, who had a reputation for being a bit of a ladies’ man, fell quickly and hard. They were married three months later.

Scorpios are notoriously tough—former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton is also a Scorpio. During the campaign we were told: “Don’t mess with Texas.” During the next four years, we’re sure to learn: Don’t mess with Laura. And don’t mess with the people she loves, either. Scorpios are fiercely loyal friends and formidable enemies. Though Laura Bush is sweet and demure, she is able to hold her own in the competitive Bush family. On being asked what she does by George’s grandmother, Dorothy Walker Bush, she replied, “I read and I smoke.” (She has since quit smoking.) And, there are rumors that George W. stopped drinking because she gave him the ultimatum that wives of alcoholics often do—stop or else.

But, there is a darker side to the Mars and Pluto-ruled Scorpio nature. At some point, they must confront life and death issues. For Laura, those lessons came at the tender age of seventeen, when she went through a stop sign and hit a car driven by a school friend, who died as a result. This tragedy would haunt her for years and have a profound influence on her life.

Laura’s Sun is conjunct her Jupiter, magnifying her already forceful Scorpio Sun. And, as is so typical for those with Saturn square the Sun, Laura is quite serious and reserved. She asked only one promise from George before agreeing to marry him, that she would never have to give a political speech. So much for promises from politicians! And, a square from Sun to Pluto accentuates her personal power, giving her the ability to rise to any challenge. Clearly, she has been able to overcome her natural shyness to become a tremendous political asset to her husband.

A Compassionate Heart: Moon in Pisces

Laura Bush shares another astrological trait with Hillary Clinton, a Pisces Moon. Both women are caring mothers with close ties to their daughters. The Pisces Moon softens the Scorpio Sun, and this very intuitive combination gives both women good instincts about people. Both are their husbands’ cherished confidantes, though Mrs. Bush is likely to take a much less visible position in her husband’s administration. With a Pisces Moon, you can expect her to take a compassionate approach to her role and to be the “heart” in her husband’s otherwise conservative and militaristic inner circle.

Tell It Like It Is: Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

Laura Bush has both Mercury and Venus in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Her love of reading is well publicized and she will likely focus on literacy as her main issue as First Lady. But, what is less known about her is her love of adventure which is also typical of Sagittarius placements. She often takes vigorous vacations with girlfriends, to Belize for bird watching or to the Grand Canyon for rafting. And, like many with Mercury in Sagittarius, Mrs. Bush can be outspoken and brutally honest. When a reporter asked her if she agreed with her husband’s position on the death penalty, she replied, “’If I differ with my husband, I’m not going to tell you about it, sorry.”

Behind Every Great Man

The next four years as a First Lady of the United States are certainly more than Laura Bush bargained for when she married George W. Bush back in 1977. Then, she considered herself a Democrat, if anything at all. Twenty-four years and two Jupiter cycles later, she will take her place in history just behind Hillary Clinton and her own mother-in-law, Barbara Bush. It’s not likely that she’ll be politically vocal or controversial, but in her own quiet way she’ll gently influence her husband. And she’ll probably win our hearts just as she won his, no matter what she wears to the Inaugural Ball.

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