Personal Consultations

Here are some reasons you might want to consult with me:

1. To gain insight into your personality, including your gifts and talents as well as your weaknesses and difficult behavior patterns.

2. To discuss the choices currently available and to help you determine which actions will result in maximum benefit.

3. To gain insight into all sorts of relationships including love relationships, parents and children, employer and employee.

4. To help select a propitious time for starting important endeavors such as marriage, new businesses, etc.

5. To discuss various locations on the planet to determine where you might move, do business, find a relationship.

“Madalyn has always been spot on with my readings. She tells me things I didn’t know and then it happens a few months later. What I love about her is that she is very grounded and gives practical information as well as the big picture or overview of the wisdom in her reading. I highly recommend her, and know you will be pleasantly surprised at her professional expertise.”

– Jamie Neithold-Nash, Doctor of Chiropractic, Chatham MA

“I really enjoyed the reading! Lots of fun and very insightful – I just love astrology. I’m very excited to continue learning more – it’s always a pleasure speaking with a seasoned professional, especially one with a kind demeanor. You can tell you’re a teacher – the patience and taking the time for thorough explanations. Much appreciated. 🙂  Thanks again”

– Rebecca B.

Madalyn takes a compassionate yet practical approach to her consultations. She is a spiritually-based astrologer, conversant in 12-step recovery and specializes in relationship issues, relocation and choosing appropriate times to begin new ventures.

Contact Madalyn at by email and by telephone at 508/896-8829 in the evenings or during the day at Astrolabe at 508/896-5081. Visa/MC accepted. $175 for a one-hour consultation, $95 for a half-hour, and $50 for 15 minutes. Recorded consultations (in-person or by telephone) are provided on CD or as MP3s.