Kate Hudson: Her Mother’s Daughter

It’s hard to look at Kate Hudson without noticing the remarkable resemblance to her Academy Award winning mother, Scorpio Goldie Hawn. They have the same adorable, infectious grin, the same golden curls and the same petite and perky figure. While many young actresses would balk at the inevitable comparison, Kate is secure enough in her own ability to take it in stride. In January, she won the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her portrayal of Penny Lane, the archetypal 70s groupie in Cameron Crowe’s hit film Almost Famous, and is an Oscar nominee for the same role as well.

Born Ready for the World: Sun in Aries

Astrology Horoscope: Kate HudsonBorn on April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Kate is an irrepressible Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is therefore associated with beginnings and being first. Kate’s Sun, in the 29th degree of the sign, makes her a walking advertisement for the Arian qualities of spontaneity, assertiveness and independence. There are 30 degrees in each sign, and each sign starts at zero degrees, so the 29th degree is the last degree of a sign.

While having your Sun in any degree of a sign means that you personify the energies of that sign, having your Sun (or any planet) in the 29th degree of a sign is sort of like getting your fries “super-sized” at the drive-thru. There is extra emphasis on the sign. Interestingly, with the Sun at the 29th degree of a sign, the person often desires to experience the gifts of the next sign as well—been there, done that, got the t-shirt, let me move on to another theme park. In this case, the next sign is Taurus, which is known for its love of comfort and luxury. As the daughter of a famous and well-paid actress, Kate in many ways is a child of privilege.

Besides having the Sun in Aries, Kate also has Mercury, the communication planet, and Mars, the planet of energy and passion, in the fiery sign. She has personality plus and lights up the screen with her presence in the way that only those with true star quality can. Though barely an adult, Kate has already exhibited her strong will by rejecting a college education in favor of an acting career and by choosing to marry a man that some consider to be more like the prince of darkness than prince charming. By now, you may have guessed that you won’t get far by telling Aries personalities what to do—they have a mind and a resolve of their own.

Personality Plus: Sun Square Jupiter

Kate’s Sun is squaring Jupiter in the 29th degree of Cancer, magnifying all the more the attributes of her strong-willed Sun. With this contact from Jupiter, you can expect tremendous self-confidence, lots of luck and a good dose of self-centeredness. Her older brother notes that Kate always gets what she wants. Her husband states that her best friend is her Platinum American Express card.

Lest we think that her life has been perfect, however, Kate does have a problem stemming from her relationship with her father, Bill Hudson. She rarely sees him and says that she barely knows him. Though she has had the benefit of a strong and loving father figure in Kurt Russell, her mother’s significant other since Kate was three, there is a sense of emptiness around the subject for Kate.

Perhaps, this deeply hidden wound is what she draws on to create the vulnerability that lies beneath the whimsical surface of her screen characters. And, just like you have to dig a little to find this bittersweet side to Kate, you have to look a bit deeply into her chart to find that her Sun (her self) is at the midpoint (the point halfway) between restricting Saturn and uncertain Neptune. The combination spells disenchantment—a ping-pong match between reality (Saturn) and illusion (Neptune).

Merging With the Beloved: Venus in Pisces

Vulnerability also comes with the territory for someone like Kate with Venus, the planet of love, in Pisces, the sign with no boundaries. They are the ultimate romantics who believe in the magic of love. For these individuals, love transcends all reason. They seek to find bliss in the perfect union of two souls, yet they often choose less than perfect mates.

On New Year’s Eve, Kate married Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, a Sagittarian born on December 20, 1966. We all know the old cliché about opposites attracting, and Kate’s marriage to the thirty-something rocker seems to be a case in point. She is all sweetness and light; he is dark and mysterious. She’s used to penthouses adorned with gossamer, glitter and gold; he lives in a downtown loft with blood red walls, overflowing ashtrays and skulls galore. Her career is on the rise; his is at its ebb. But, their fiery Suns are in a beautiful and harmonious angle called a trine, making for a natural compatibility between the two.

A Meteoric Rise

Just like her mother before her, fame has come early for Kate Hudson. She’s both critically acclaimed for her work and adored by her growing legion of young fans, making her a hot ticket at the box office. She’s the front-runner to win her own Academy Award, a never before achieved mother-daughter accomplishment. In the ephemeral world of Hollywood, only time will tell if her career or, for that matter, her marriage, has staying power. But, for right now, she seems destined for a lifetime of being very famous.

Originally Published on StarIQ.com