Timing Is Everything

Many of us wish that we could be in the flow, know when to grab at an opportunity or when to wait for something better to come along. If timing doesn’t come naturally to you, then you need to find another way to maximize your potential for success. By looking at your astrological chart and analyzing where you are in terms of planetary cycles, I can help you determine what kind of actions are appropriate for the time. This is most important when you are contemplating a life-changing situation: marriage, divorce, a career change, a move. Proper timing gives you a better chance of achieving your goals. I have also done countless “electional” charts, that is, choosing the exact date and time for people to start their businesses, get married, make an important proposal or even leave for a vacation.

The readings I have had with you, Madalyn, have proven to be instrumental in my journey through this life. Everything from health, to finances, to business, you’ve given me the information I need to better understand why and when certain things happen. I have had many readings with other astrologers, and I can honestly say that your readings are so dead on that you continually blow my mind. Your readings are professional and you bring a great sense of humor as well. You are the best, thanks!

-David Young, LMT, Brewster MA

Contact me at capecodastrologer@gmail.com by email and by telephone at 508/896-8829 in the evenings or during the day at Astrolabe at 508/896-5081.

Visa/MC accepted. $175 for a one-hour consultation and $95 for a half-hour. Please ask for pricing on electional charts. Recorded consultations (in-person or by telephone) are provided on CD or as MP3s.