AstrocalityLocality astrology or astro-mapping focuses on the varying planetary influences you might experience in different places in the world. While the actual idea of creating astro-maps is relatively new, the theory upon which the maps are based is really quite ancient. Since time immemorial, astrologers have placed great significance on the rising and setting of the planets, believing that when planets are on these “angles, ” their influence is most powerful. As a certified (by Jim Lewis) astro*carto*graphy interpreter, I can help you choose a favorable place for romance, career, retirement or a pleasurable vacation.

“Madalyn’s readings for me were as filled with compassion as they were information. Her Uranian reading was a real psyche-opener! And her astro-cart-ography reading saved me from buying a house ‘one house over’ that, if I had not consulted her, would have put me into dead-end location instead of a destiny-facilitating one.”

-Maria “Mimi” Katzenbach, Boulder CO

Contact me at by email and by telephone at 508/896-8829 in the evenings or during the day at Astrolabe at 508/896-5081.

Visa/MC accepted. $175 for a one-hour consultation and $95 for a half-hour. Recorded consultations (in-person or by telephone) are provided on CD or as MP3s.