The King of TV- Regis Philbin

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? the highest rated prime time quiz show ever, made “Is that your final answer?” the most popular catchphrase of 1999 and the show’s host, Regis Philbin, an overnight success at age 66. Regis (or Reeg as he is affectionately known), born on August 25, 1933 (see chart notes about birthdate), is everywhere—talk shows, the news and magazine covers. He’s the current media darling—not bad for a guy from the Bronx who, let’s face it, is more accustomed to collective sneers and jeers than popular acclaim.

Sun in Virgo: A Persnickety Kind of Guy

It’s hard to describe just what talents Regis Philbin brings to the small screen. Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (Regis’ day job) is a staple of the morning talk show scene. Jerry Seinfeld reportedly said that Regis and co-host Kathie Lee Gifford do nothing better than anyone else on TV. It’s not surprising that Regis, with Sun in Virgo, would excel at what he chose to do. Perfection is a quality that is typical of those with Sun in Virgo. They strive for it, mostly from others, but often for themselves as well. They are not afraid of hard work, either. This may by Regis’ secret weapon—the ability to keep working hard in an industry that would have easily let him walk away any number of times.

Since they are so in tune with the ideal of perfection, it’s easy for a Virgo to notice imperfection. Others may view this as fussiness, but a Virgo sees pointing out discrepancies and errors as his life’s mission. Regis has carefully crafted an image of being the “aggrieved” little guy, delighting his audiences and getting them to identify with his predicaments. His “host chat” segments with Kathie Lee are filled with complaints about workmen who didn’t do the job correctly, telephone lines that never seem to work, in-laws who plan to visit for a weekend and stay a month, and jibes to Live’s producer Michael Gelman about everything, including wardrobe, the set, the contests and the guests.

Virgos are also usually fitness-conscious, and the “Live” show carries frequent segments on health and well-being. All of America can witness Regis getting his blood pressure checked or his annual flu shot. Regis is quite vocal about his battle with heart and cholesterol problems, so it’s no accident that he is a pitchman for heart-healthy products and a spokesman for the American Heart Association. And, of course, he garnered even more publicity recently discussing heart disease as a guest on David Letterman’s “Late Night” show the very night before Letterman had emergency quintuple bypass surgery.

Mercury in Leo: Let’s Get it Right

Regis’ Mercury, the planet of communication and ruler of Virgo, is in Leo (the sign of the performer), making it perfectly natural for Regis to make a career of entertainment talk shows. His big break came in 1967 as Joey Bishop’s sidekick on an ill-fated late night show (hard to compete with the Carson/McMahon team). To Regis’ great humiliation, most of Bishop’s jokes were at Regis’ expense. People with Mercury in Leo have the overwhelming need to maintain dignity and be correct. Therefore, it is not surprising that his job as Bishop’s co-host was reportedly one of the most unhappy and frustrating times in his life.

Regis’ Leo Mercury is in a tight opposition to his Saturn in Aquarius, adding to that theme of needing to be right. Saturn also seeks mastery and lends determination, giving Regis the added impetus to succeed in a very competitive business. In addition, Saturn in combination with Mercury often adds wit, timing and a sense of irony, which are all-important qualities for a talk show host.

Moon in Scorpio: A Look at the Darker Side

One of the appeals of the Regis and Kathie Lee show is the contrast between the two co-hosts. Regis is often cranky and sulking, holding on to slights and transgressions, while Kathie Lee is all sweetness and light. Those with Moon in Scorpio can be easily hurt and are often jealous. Before his recent success, one could pick up a tinge of envy in Regis’ voice when he was discussing Kathie Lee’s latest projects.

Although Regis’ Mars is in Libra, it is conjunct the Scorpio Moon, adding even more salt and vinegar to that already touchy placement. Uranus opposes the Moon and Mars, adding a spontaneity and brilliance to the combination. He’s wonderful at repartee and practically invented the concept of “host chat”— talking to the camera about everything or nothing at all. Those with a strong Uranus can either be technically gifted or technically challenged; Regis has trouble setting the VCR and admits to being computer-phobic.

Timing Success: The Power of Eclipses

Now that we have a little understanding of Regis’ natal chart, let’s examine why Regis has achieved such great heights this year. One clue may be in 1999’s eclipse patterns, which activated Regis’ Mercury (communication) and Saturn (expertise, mastery). Saturn, the planet of excellence, is a key factor to Regis’ good fortune. Saturn is also said to favor older, more mature people, as well as to rule matters that are “delayed.” So, it is quite appropriate that the pinnacle of Regis’ career should occur when Saturn was such a prominent prominent a factor in his chart.

Incidentally, hosting the most popular new TV show was not the only honor Regis received in 1999. Notre Dame University awarded Regis an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. This must certainly be a great distinction for Regis, who is a Notre Dame alumnus and their football team’s biggest and most prominent fan.

Congratulations, Regis, you deserve all this recognition and more. You make doing your job look so easy, which is, after all, the mark of true greatness.

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