The Harmonic Concordance

The Harmonic Concordance – I still remember the excitement in John Mirehiel’s voice when he called to tell me about it — you have to look at the chart of the lunar eclipse in November 2003 — it has a grand sextile! Well, I must admit, this is an irresistible combination – an eclipse and a Star of David! Of course, to see the Star of David, you must include Chiron and not all astrologers are willing to do that. But, if you are willing to see it, you are opening yourself up to what might just be the window to another phase of evolution – one where the soul is actually valued above the material. This paradigm shift is not just in the mind of astrologers – there are many people who are in tune with this energy.

The resurgence of spirit has become mainstream. Through her choice of guests and a regular segment entitled “Remembering the Spirit” where she highlights for her audience various forms of spiritual practice and meditation, Oprah Winfrey has done a great deal to awaken Americans to their inner core. One frequent guest is Gary Zukav whose 1989 book, The Seat of the Soul, became a best seller thanks to Oprah. Zukav, a philosopher and scientist, notes that we are nearing the end of three grand astrological cycles (yes, a scientist who knows about astrology!), which span two thousand years, twenty-five thousand years and one hundred twenty-five thousand years. He attributes a change in consciousness to these cycles within cycles. These are his words:

“The negativity of the last two thousand year cycle is being collected now so that it can be discharged and transformed, so that the next cycle of two thousand years which starts with the next beginning cycle of twenty-five thousand years and the next beginning cycle of one hundred twenty-five thousand years, all three simultaneously, can begin fresh.

This is what this present situation and moment upon our Earth is about: the birth of very different opportunities, opportunities to release patterns that are no longer necessary. The more Light, literally, the more en-Lightened that you are, the more you will choose different ways.”

So, we stand on the threshold of this new age where we will have the choice to release patterns of fear and negativity that are no longer appropriate and have nothing to do with who we are and what we are becoming. When we look at this amazing chart of “The Harmonic Concordance,” we can see that this may be one of the ‘bellwether” charts of the new age of “en-Lightenment.”

What is so special about this Harmonic Concordance chart? Let’s start with what’s so special about the predominant pattern, The Star of David. According to Don “Moby Dick” Jacobs in his book, Astrology’s Pew In Church, the double grand trine configuration in King David’s chart is the origin of the sacred Hebrew Star of David. David painted this symbol on his shield to warn his enemies of the powerful combination in his horoscope that afforded him power, luck and, most of all, God’s blessings. The two grand trines are also in sextile to each other so that we have six planets in sextile. The sextile is the aspect of opportunity, combining compatible elements so that each planet can support the next.

The Star of David in the Harmonic Concordance chart is best seen when set for, of all places, Jerusalem! It involves the Sun, Mars, and Saturn in one grand trine with Moon, Jupiter and Chiron in the other. When we first examine the energies of these two configurations, we may conclude that they are quite opposite in influence. Certainly, no planetary combination in astrology has a worse “rap” than Mars and Saturn. Despite the favorable trine aspect, we are looking at a midpoint structure or planetary picture that has Saturn at the midpoint of Mars and the Sun. We can say that the Sun and Mars are primarily strong, vibrant and physical – they want to act, to move forward while Saturn tends to question, deny or impede. However, we can choose to look at this combination differently by saying that Saturn provides discipline, structure and meaningful limits. Mars and Saturn are in aspect in the charts of both Mother Teresa and St. Teresa of Avila. Both of these women “walked their talk” – they led contemplative, prayerful lives that were an example to others. They both eschewed materialism and lived and taught in spirit. The other side of the coin is the grand trine of Moon, Jupiter and Chiron. These planetary energies clearly speak of healing on a mass level through prayer, faith and illumination. And, combine the two trines and we have a very special blend of energy that can open us up to a new spirituality that is more real and more tangible than the world of materiality.

As astrologers, we can easily pick at this chart, examine every nuance, look at every midpoint, add the trans-neptunian planets, throw in thousands of asteroids and let’s not forget fixed stars, the Black Moon and Transpluto. But, to do that, belies the essence of the chart, which is its simple message: move beyond the earthly constraints into the realm of spirit. Leave behind fear, doubt, and negativity for those are useless to the soul. In “A Course In Miracles,” we learn that the opposite of fear is love and that there are really only two emotions – love and fear. They do not co-exist; one will always crush the other. And, we have the choice to live in fear or to live in love.

While we’re on the subject of living in fear, let’s look at another startling chart – the Solar Eclipse of August 1999. Most astrologers viewed this chart with great trepidation. Before the eclipse, many wondered what this particularly ominous eclipse would bring. Would it signal war, pestilence, a stock market crash, terrorism, the death of a great leader, earthquakes, or floods? The eclipse path went right through Western Europe and the Middle East. And, the chart had a grand cross configuration – no peaceful grand trine like our Concordance chart. And, the planets that made up this grand cross are the Sun/Moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. It was enough to make the mere mortal astrologer quake over her keyboard. Like clockwork, in August, there was a devastating earthquake that killed over 13,000 people in Turkey, a country right in the path of the eclipse.

Was there a bright side to this eclipse? The earthquake caused Turkey to move geographically closer to Europe by about 4 feet! But, the earthquake also moved Turkey politically and emotionally closer to its European neighbors including its historical enemy, Greece. Recognizing that they would be neighbors forever, the two countries vowed to improve their relationship. And, when Greece was struck by an earthquake in September 1999, Turkish rescue workers came to their aid.

This eclipse chart connects so beautifully to our Harmonic Concordance chart. The degree of the Mars/Saturn opposition in the August 1999 Solar Eclipse Chart is the exact degree of the Lunar Eclipse in the Harmonic Concordance chart. What’s more, Venus in the Concordance chart is conjunct the Pluto of the August Eclipse chart. We might, therefore, conclude that the Harmonic Concordance may be a fulfillment of what is begun in August 1999. But, perhaps the real message is that we do not have to wait for 2003 to live in this new reality. We can choose to move closer to peace, in ourselves, our relationships and even in the world, just as the Greeks and Turks chose to set aside their differences in the wake of tragedy.

As astrologers, it is our purpose to help people to see the larger scheme of things – that no matter how difficult life may be, it is all part of a divine plan. Let’s look at this “difficult” eclipse chart and try to see the “divine” in it. Christians believe that Christ died on the cross for the salvation of humanity. Is that the purpose of pain and suffering – those grand crosses of life? Is it for our ultimate salvation, so that we can break free of our own mortality and live in spirit?

While the energies were difficult in the August Solar Eclipse chart, that chart spoke to choice just as the Concordance chart rings of opportunity. In August 1999, we may have been presented with a choice that allowed us to break free of the bondage of negativity and fear. Perhaps we were placed in difficult or even tragic circumstances – the choice was found in how we reacted. Did we let go of our patterns and see the opportunity to move forward to a new form of being or did we remain stuck in our old familiar but worn-out habit patterns? If we chose to act differently, to live in love and not in fear, then we really will be able to glimpse into that “new age.” In that choice, we can finally come to know real freedom.

During these two eclipses, four and ¼ years apart, we have the opportunity to work towards that new spiritual reality. This idea was certainly tested following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. While the government reacted with military might, people all over the world reacted first with prayer and then by reconnecting with their own humanity. What once seemed important has changed for countless people. In the chart of the attacks, Venus is conjunct the degree of the 1999 Solar Eclipse. And, the 1999 Eclipse Uranus, the planet of surprise, is at the midpoint of the Mercury and Saturn of the 9/11 chart and making a grand trine with those planets. And, there are a number of connections to the Concordance chart as well. The Saturn of the attack chart makes a stressful aspect to the Jupiter of the Concordance chart and the Mercury/Ascendant conjunction of the attack connects in a difficult aspect to the Saturn of the Concordance chart. Certainly, this indicates that the 9/11 attacks were an important step in how we handle negativity and fear.

I heard someone relate the story of a young boy and his grandfather, who were discussing their feelings about September 11. The grandfather said he felt like there was a ferocious dog inside of him, barking with anger and revenge. But, there was an equally powerful dog inside which was barking for compassion and forgiveness. The boy asked which dog would win and the grandfather wisely said “the one that I feed.”

If we want to change our lives and our reality, we need to change our intentions. How do we forge this new path? Perhaps, these words from Mother Teresa will help.

“The fruit of silence is prayer.

The fruit of prayer is faith.

The fruit of faith is love.

The fruit of love is service.

The fruit of service is peace.”

We are blessed to live at this momentous time in the history of the world and to be a part of this great spiritual revolution. Let us rejoice in it.