Gore and Bush: Does It Really Matter?

I think it was Dennis Miller who first joked about Gush and Bore. This clever little play on words mirrors the public’s perception of the two presidential candidates. Gore fought hard and may have finally overcome the popular belief that he is a bore, but it took a passionate kiss in front of millions to do it. Bush is saddled with his ties to the petro-chemical industry, but ironically, he was a failure as an oilman and his one big gusher never really did materialize.

Not only do the candidates have to battle their own public image and each other’s characterizations, they must also fight the increasingly prevailing view that there is very little difference between the two major parties. For many voters, these candidates are interchangeable. What do their horoscopes tell us about their similarities and their differences and how do they relate to each other?

Natural Competitors

Al Gore is a fiery Aries, while George W. Bush is a watery Cancer. Their Suns are in a square aspect to each other, making theirs a battle of egos—there is no win-win here, only win-lose. Gore couldn’t help but remind us in his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination that he will “fight” for us. A fighting spirit is one of the signatures of Mars-ruled Aries. Bush, as a Cancer, is naturally more emotional and is also very likely to fight for what he considers to be his. Cancers, ruled by the Moon, are protective of home, family and country. They tend to be conservative, and we could even call them compassionate conservatives.

Interestingly enough, both Bush and Gore have the planet Neptune aspecting their Sun. My earlier article on Gore delves quite deeply into this dynamic in his chart. As for Bush, his battle with alcoholism and drug addiction (Neptune) is public record, as are drunken confrontations with his father (Sun square Neptune). Bush has handled this deftly by admitting to youthful indiscretions that were part of his past and affirming that they are not a part of his present.

Bush’s Sun in the Twelfth House adds an air of secrecy to his nature and is indicative of a person who is generally more comfortable behind the scenes and who may be his own worst enemy. Most who know Bush are surprised that he is running for president. His lifelong ambition was to be the Commissioner of Baseball. And, it is said, that he is running for president in order to avenge his father’s loss to Clinton. If this is true, it is pretty typical of a Twelfth House Sun who can be easily manipulated as well as easily manipulate others.

Many fear that Bush will lead us into environmental disaster because of his close connection to the oil industry. Contrast this with Gore’s Sun in the Ninth House, a placement that is innately more suited to politics, foreign affairs, the law and philosophy. Gore, who has spent his entire life in public service, has been a champion of environmental protection for many years.

A Lack of Understanding

Gore’s Moon in Capricorn could not be more different emotionally than Bush’s Libra Moon. The Capricorn Moon person can be cold and austere, while the Libra Moon person is naturally social and gracious. The Capricorn Moon tends to be ambitious, actively seeking both power and money, while the Libra Moon may be so invested in seeking approval from others that they are easily led. Each candidate’s Neptune aspects the other’s Moon, indicating that they are not at all on the same emotional wavelength.

It is fascinating to note that both men have Moon-Jupiter conjunctions, indicating strong and beneficial relationships with women, especially the mother. Each man has been blessed with a long and successful marriage. Bush and Gore are both well equipped to go after the women’s vote that is so crucial to the outcome of this election. And with Jupiter, the planet of luck, so prominent, each has been born into a life of relative ease—they are both truly “fortunate sons.”

Something in Common

While the two candidates have their Suns and Moons in signs that are square to each other, they both have the warm and charismatic sign of Leo rising. Though they have the Ascendant sign in common, Gore’s placement of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Leo serves to enhance his serious demeanor, while Bush’s Mercury, Venus and Pluto there tend to add to his charm and affability.

These two men are remarkably similar, yet could not be more different. It’s a choice between charm and grace versus earnest intellect. Clearly, they both desperately want to win the presidency. But, ultimately, the voters will decide which one of these fortunate sons will have the task of leading our country into the new millennium.

Originally Published on StarIQ.com